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About Gestalt Contemporary Lighting


def: the whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts

A desire to express the magic of light through design lies at the heart of Gestalt, uniting contrasting materials into singular expressions of function, beauty and light. Renowned for his passion for traditional British craft, Christopher Jenner’s creative direction for the brand is carefully considered, exploring the  interconnectedness of materials through innovative craft techniques to create outstanding lighting solutions.

Founded in 2018, Gestalt delivers premium lighting solutions to interior designers, commercial specifiers and consumers. The first collection, Aquiline is crafted in tubular brass, precision cut crystal and ceramic and is available in brushed and polished finishes.

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About Christopher Jenner

Christopher Jenner is a designer and founder of a multi-disciplinary studio based in London. He partners with brands, manufacturers and craftspeople around the world, using design to communicate brand values and tell stories that capture the imagination.

Christopher has a diverse cultural background having grown up and studied in South Africa, then lived in Paris, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong before settling in London and opening his studio in 2010. His nomadic experience stoked his interest in the symbiotic relationship between design and story-telling, bringing an individuality to projects in vision, approach and style.

Whether redefining a global luxury brand, collaborating with an established manufacturer or exploring innovation with a historic workshop, the belief is the same: telling brand stories creates meaningful experiences that connect consumers with design and add value to life.

Collaborating with brands and manufacturers across retail, hospitality and transport, the Studio's output spans industrial design, furniture, lighting, product design and craft. Previous projects have included interior retail concepts for luxury brands; creative direction and experiential design for Eurostar; collectible designs exhibited and sold in leading global galleries and a series of one-off designs and collections in collaboration with heritage craft workshops around the world.

Christopher’s unique design philosophy is brought to life in the Studio where his knowledge and understanding of processes and materials develop through ongoing experimentation and innovation. The fundamental vision underpinning Christopher's design philosophy is that every project should transcend fashion and trends and instead capture the fundamentals of human nature and behaviour; appealing to the universal desires for culture, discovery, intrigue and charm. 

With a conscious and responsible approach to design, Christopher's work is commercially successful and relevant, and uniquely imbued with inherent meaning.