Bold Kitchen Makeovers We Love


Gone are the days of harsh fluorescent strip lighting and relying on the glow of the microwave for a little kitchen atmosphere. As open-plan living spaces and innovations in technology converge, we have seen the evolution of domestic style engulf the heart of the home. Just as we have taken these design developments as an opportunity to produce lighting that can be used in every room (yes, that includes both kitchens and bathrooms), eagle-eyed tastemakers and designers have seized the chance to redefine the more traditionally utilitarian areas of the home, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite kitchen makeovers.

Everyday chic queen and ex-fashion editor Erica Davies is the undefeated champion of Instagram style education. While you might discover Erica thanks to her eye for high-street hot-picks and willingness to share her top tips for putting great outfits together, some of us are a little obsessed with her family home renovations. Taking it one room at a time, Erica and her family have taken a traditional home and are putting their own modern stamp on it.

Over on her blog, Erica explains that it took time and patience to plan and save for the kitchen, but that, “It has gone from being a fairly gloomy space that made me want to get in and out as soon as possible, to one I now want to be in all the time!

Imagine yourselves in the space. How do you want to use it?
— Erica Davies,

Nobody does bold quite like a certain The Great Interior Design Challenge judge Daniel Hopwood. Starting his career long before gracing our screens with a wardrobe boasting more drama than the BBC, the interior designer and former president of the British Institute of Interior Design has been transforming dull new builds and tired traditional properties since 1997. More is more when it comes to Daniel’s schemes, and that includes kitchens.

Aim for flexibility, open the kitchen to the living space but have sliding doors to separate them too. Pocket sliding doors are perfect for small flats. With doors being left open most of the time, what better than tucking them away out of sight.
— Daniel Hopwood,
Christopher Jenner