Talking Culture and Design at LDF 2018

Talking Culture and Design at LDF 2018

Gestalt Lighting’s Aquiline Collection is handmade in Europe.

Gestalt Lighting’s Aquiline Collection is handmade in Europe.

From the rise of post-consumerism to the theatrics of home, London Design Festival 2018 has seen Gestalt’s Creative Director Christopher Jenner musing on the many cultural and societal influences that shape the design of our world. Christopher was joined by Skinflint’s Chris Miller and Paul Nulty of Nulty Lighting at Decorex, as well as Lucie Koldova of Brokis and Simeon Chilvers of Cameron Design House at 100% Design, with all speakers sharing their experiences in lighting design and exploring the important trends to consider for the future of the industry. Some food for thought:


Addictive consumerism is fast becoming a thing of the past. Shows of wealth are no longer a priority for the design-conscious homeowner and wellbeing is at the centre of personal style. As Christopher discussed at Decorex, the post-consumerism shopper is looking for products to create a home that reflects their core values of functional satisfaction, minimal waste and high quality, low-impact materials and manufacture.

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The Theatre of Home

With the rise of maximalism and the heavy doses of 1970s glamour being injected into hospitality interiors, one of the big questions is how to create atmosphere and narrative with lighting. As said by Christopher, simply look to theatre for inspiration. Theatre and set designers are the masters of mood manufacture and rely heavily on lighting and nuanced styling to tell stories with intensity and lightness as required. 

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Humanising Design

While new technologies and innovation have elevated mass-manufacture techniques and accessibility to design to unprecedented levels, it’s important to remember that furniture and lighting exists to incubate human emotions and behavior. As is part of the philosophy of our brand, handmade products like ours allow for designers and consumers alike to inject a touch of humanity into any project. Curate a selection of handmade, vintage and art pieces into an interior scheme to tell a unique story about the people who use it.

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