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Lighting and Interiors

The Magic of Light

Gestalt is a lighting brand created to provide beautifully designed and crafted lighting solutions to the design novice and interior designer.  At Gestalt we fundamentally believe that a good lighting scheme adds immeasurable value to a space, highlighting architectural and interior features to lend emotion and magic to a room.

Successful lighting design should provide a sense of wellbeing to both the working and living environment, while enhancing the quality of a space aesthetically.

Gestalt's Creative Director, Christopher Jenner has some suggestions for using lighting in a successful design project:


Every room, whether outdoor or indoor is defined by size. Scale is therefore a key consideration in the design of a lighting scheme. High-ceilinged rooms are best lit through a vertical dynamic starting with a top down approach. Centre your design around a large and impressive chandelier to create an abundance of light, effectively lighting the expanse of the room. Then accent the room with wall and table lamps to give focus to specific areas and prominence to art, antiques and treasured object.

Colour Scheme

Rooms with darker colour schemes can benefit from the use of wall and table lamps to emphasise the mood and create a sense of discovery. Using several smaller lights in this way creates a series of shadows and dark corners. Lighter colour schemes are easier to manage with a central source of light, usually a pendant or chandelier which will offer a subtle yet effective diffusion that can be managed through a dimmer switch.


It is essential to consider how you’re planning to use a room. Living rooms will benefit from softer ambient lighting that can be accented through the addition of table and floor lamps. Dining lighting should offer functional flexibility, giving options for stronger light for every day dining as well as creating a softer mood more suited to a dinner party or romantic evening. In the bathroom, it is essential to offer a functional yet flexible scheme with mirror side lighting key to function and ambient lighting key to relaxation.

Design Statements

Your choice of lighting can make an unmistakable design statement. A show stopping chandelier is the perfect way to add design to a room. Whether used to draw attention to the height of a room or to highlight stucco work, the chandelier is a classic silhouette that creates a focal point in any space. More subtle design statements can be made through carefully placed table lamps, accenting side tables and consoles.